Κoufonisia Aegean Island, Pori Area, Greece

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Our homes
are all different

Koufonisi Island is where this story unfolds; a small island not more than 6klm wide with less than 500 permanent residents in the middle of the Small Cyclades! It’s a magical location with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, hidden coves and natural pools; once a pirates hideway place, the island still keeps much of its old times charm..

At Ano Koufonissi, we have created a private island retreat, using traditional Cycladic architecture and materials, with each villa being quite distinct in style and feeling like ….HOME! Our location is overlooking Pori Bay the most exhilarating beach at koufonisia!

Our homes are all different, and can cater from 2 up to 12 guests in each home or combination of villas; we believe in ample space so we made no compromise in making everything look and feel comfortable. Our smallest individual home is 60sqm which can accommodate 2 guests and our largest villa is 200sqm which can comfortably host up to 10 guests.



My Island Home stands discretely by your side on the happiest day of your life. We offer wedding services that emphasize on your personal style


Bachelor parties

Allow My Island Home to be your steward along the path between bachelorhood and matrimony!


Yoga sessions

Don't miss your Yoga routine while on vacations. Book a yoga class to perfect the basics or expand your practice.


Semi Private Boat Experience

Seize the opportunity and sail to unspoiled areas around the complex of Islands at Lesser Cyclades. Visit Lower Koufonisi, Donoussa, Schinoussa and Iraklia. Discover hidden treasures, swim in crystal clear waters and create lifelong memories!



Supplied by verified brokers. Save money by letting us arrange all tickets and transportation during your adventure in Greece.


Private Boat Experience

Do you want to live the Authentic Greek Holiday Experience? Take advantage of our in-depth local knowledge and dedication to providing the best. Let us unravel for you the hidden treasures of the complex of Islands at small Cyclades. Explore virgin bays, swim in transparent waters and gaze at the fantastic sceneries of the Aegean Sea and the nearby Islands.