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Whatever you say, Poseidon!

The Cyclades island complex is located in the south of the Aegean Sea and consists of 34 main islands.

Cyclades played an important historical role in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. Due their strategic geographical location, between the Greek mainland, Asia and Africa, they were a trading link throughout their history and spread their culture to the surrounding regions.

According to Greek mythology, the creation of the Cyclades is attributed to the god Poseidon.

It is said that Poseidon turned the nymphs called Cyclades into rocky islands, when they made him lose his temper.

No details on what got him angry are recorded, but it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t mess with Poseidon! Other legends refer to their name as being derived by the Greek word “cyclos” meaning circle, as the islands are scattered around the sacred island of Delos.

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The sandy beaches that rim Ano Koufonissi's south coast give onto cerulean blue sea of a hue that seems confined to artists' palettes, seemingly impossible in reality